We respect the American Association of Orthodontists’ recommendation that all children be evaluated by an orthodontist by age 7. At this age, a child has a combination of baby and adult teeth, and the bite is established. This is the perfect time for Dr. Bunce to identify whether orthodontic issues exist and determine if early, or interceptive, treatment would be helpful.

Sometimes, early treatment is ideal. Addressing a known orthodontic issue early enables Dr. Bunce to shape your child’s teeth and jaws during a natural growth phase. This could prevent the need for orthognathic (jaw) surgery and tooth extractions later in life. Early treatment also may lessen the length of time spent in braces when your child is an adolescent or teen.

Actual Patient(s) of Dr. Bunce
Actual Patient(s) of Dr. Bunce

Orthodontic issues that often benefit from early treatment include:

  • Underbite

    When the lower teeth and jaw protrude, or appear to be larger than the upper teeth, the issue can lead to long-term bite and jaw joint problems.

  • Narrow Palate

    When the roof of the mouth is too narrow, the upper and lower jaws may not align properly. The upper and lower jaws can be reshaped more comfortably and more successfully during a child’s natural growth phase.

  • Protruding Front Teeth

    Teeth that stick out too far are more susceptible to accidental injuries. Early treatment is available to correct protrusion and prevent chipping and breaking.

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